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Milea Mihai (Zap)

Programmer / Gamer



Hi, i`m Zap

I`m a young programmer (about 24) from Iasi with a knowledge thirst. Besides coding i like gaming, working with servers, swim (even got 2 medals), i used to go to gym (i will go back), and i`m also a car enthusiast!

I like both Ops and Programming, however those go hand in hand so i do them both

Fun fact: I have 4 servers @home


Python 80%
JavaScript 70%
UNIX 70%
Java 50%
C/C++ 40%
CSS 35%


WebOps Software Engineer

2020 April - NOW

What the hell is WebOps? Well, thanks for asking! It's a combination of DevOps and SysAdmin I had to take care of AEM instances and make sure that the app was running, working properly 24/7 on production. However in development we improve the whole thing. Either with updates, basic improvments, configs, etc. This also included bash scripting to automate some processes, either used a couple times or on a scheduled base.

What did i learn?

- Jenkins

- More Docker

- Maven

- More Bash

- Some AWS (AMIs | ECR | EC2)

- AEM (That tool is great)

- Apache

Associate Data Clinical Coordinator

Signat Health
2019 December - 2020 April

This job was not my type. This job it`s about deskwork with data and sheets and changing values all day long. Pretty boring huh?

I turned it into something way cooler for me. In the first few days i noticed that there are many tasks that can be optimized. The team i was working on they expected more from the company regarding the tools they are working with but they didn`t received any. I created a web extention that would help the team do the tasks faster and at higher volume. The improvement is harder to estimate, as for some cases there is a 200% improvement and for others 7000% improvement. Also few cases with less thatn 100% improvement. Overall is an app that they use now and helps them a lot. I am really proud of this. At the begining i had to work too so how could i divide the coding from the boring? I used my lunch break. 3 days in a row to build something suistainable that could help me be more productive. I got more productive so then i started using my time to code more and work less (time perspective). Because one hour of me working using the app i created was equivalent of the work me for 5 hours without. I used 3 of my colleagues as my lab rats so they could test it, and be more productive. Also few helped me with ideas about design and things that they might like but don`t have on the online tool we were working on. I also made few friends and had a lot of fun!

SO, BIG UPS FOR: Stefan Pinzariu, Paul Bors and Florin Condurache for being my lab rats.

What did i learn?

- A lot of JS

- More HTML

- More CSS

- Communicate better

- Present projects

Thank you: Radu Melnic (for great ideas), Andrada Asaftei and Prodan Andrei (for teaching me) and to Alexandra Botezatu (Alice) & Vieru Marian for helping me take this project a step further.

Web Developer

2019 September - 2019 July

Worked on few projects on wordpress and VueJS. Two wordpress pages and a progressive web-app to keep the mileage recording of rented or owned cars of lawyers that had to be on the go. Eventually i got fired becacause i was not meeting the expectations. I did my best but this looks like a lesson to never again continue working on a job that gives you no satisfaction.

What did i learn?

- Some VueJS

- Some PHP and WordPress

Intern SDE (Software Developer Engineer)

2018 July - 2018 September

I had a full-time intership experience in which i developed a intern project: Build from scratch a API for a web-app like dropbox designed to manage resources entirely built in AWS with JAX-RS. I had a great experience and made few friends. Also was nice to meet at work my own friends both being surprised the hell we doin` there. It was nice to work in a team that would be on the same page with me. There was no day without a good laugh. That was great!

What did i learn?

- Java

- Some AWS (CloudWatch | SNS | SQS | StepFunctions | Lambda | DynamoDB)

- More CSS

BIG UP for: Proca Bogdan (my mentor from Amazon) for guiding me and actually for the whole team. They helped me a lot!


Tehnocom LIV
2017 June - 2017 August

I manged and developed 3 online shops and my work included: Desk work, some front-end, and small mentainance over the pages also adding new content. So, how did i get here? A family friend had a company and needed a hand at the computer. And i started working for him. It was a nice experience, i was also able to work remote and travel at the same time and that was prettly cool. I was working 4-6 hours a day and that was perfect for traveling.


  • Romanian / native
  • Italian / native
  • English / fluent
  • WIP - Spanish


I don`t think school can reflcet your potential

Faculty of Computer Science "A.I.Cuza, Iasi"

Computer Science
2016 October - 2020 July

I learned many things and focused on developing more in myself and my passions and interests more than aiming for better school results. And i`m happy with so many things that i`ve learned from all the projects i got involved: from only API`s in the backend to Front-End Development and even involved in microprocessors and artificial intellgence!

High School "A.I.Cuza, Focsani"

Mathematics and Informatics
2012 September - 2016 June

I slept many hours at school because i was not getting enough sleep home and i gotta say i slept so well on the sill of my class. Well, at leas when peole were not bothering me. As most highschool from communist contries i didn`t receive much education or guide towards anything. The closest thing we all get about guide towards what you might like are a bunch of colleges visiting with few students presenting you how big their grades are and how many people come to their faculties, yet not mentioning how many fail and why or what will you learn. I had a big luck into finding 2 teachers that formed me really well and helped me in the learnign process and discovering what i like.

BIG UPS to mr.Ț (Țițu Ion) and Lucian