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18 Jannuary 2022 @ Iasi

Minecraft iamge

First client

Not long after publishing our services in a newer and more sofisticated form, we just got our first client. We do have our pricing for servers listed in our homepage but this time we did an offer for our customer, since his demands are above our expectations. Instead of handing a vps, we offered a minecraft server managed by us.

13 Nov 2020 @ Mera


Liviu got drunk

Few days ago liviu got drunk and deleted from his windows machine system32.dll, you guess, nothing serious happend since windows denied his request. However he was convinced he deleted system32.dll . Family members traumatized.

25 Mar 2020 @ Iasi


We just started

We just fired up our new project: Zoomers; where people can rent serices like vps or special queries, not mandatory 100% for gaming. Our leader is Rotatu Andrei, choosing always the best for us and making sure we do our best and deliver better and better. Founds were raised by your mom.